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Castle of Predjama (SLO)

The castle is an imposing structure several storeys high. Notable elements of the complex include the entrance tower, the defensive wing, the residential wing, and the tower in the background – the tallest part of the building. The attentive visitor will observe that the different sections of the castle date from different periods and differ in terms of architectural style, and that by linking the old and new sections the builders exploited the advantages of the cave while at the same time preserving the shelter and impregnability offered by the original Castle.

A visit to the restored rooms of the castle, complete with original fittings and furnishings, gives the visitor the chance to see what life was like in the castle and provides ample evidence that the castle's occupants were more than capable of defending their stronghold.
The dinstance from Lignano is about 132 km, about 1 hour and 55 minutes by car.

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