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Castle of San Giusto

The Castle - in which several rooms, including the Sala Caprin, are open to the public - houses a Museum displaying historical weapons and is regularly used for the staging of exhibitions, events and, in the summer, open-air shows. A walk on the Castle ramparts and bastions gives a complete panorama of the city of Trieste, its hills and the sea. The archaeological excavations and the consequent urban plan of the 1930s, which made an area below the Castle a Park of Remembrance of those fallen in all wars since the First World War, are distinguished by the sobriety of the monuments and the richness of the greenery which make San Giusto an oasis of peace.

An iron gate from the Cathedral square leads to the Lapidary Garden. Marked out in 1834 at the behest of Domenico Rossetti in the space left at the end of the 18th century when the San Giusto cemetery was moved to a more appropriate site, the Lapidary Garden contains Roman and Medieval relics discovered in Trieste and the Region. In it stands a Cenotaph to the archaeologist Giovanni Winckelmann, father of neoclassicism, who died in Trieste in 1769.
Distance from Lignano is ca. 90 km.,  about 1 hour with a car.

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