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Foce dell'Isonzo Nature Reserve

In Reserve it is possible to find a wide range of rare animals: there are many different species of fish, amphibians, reptiles and above all migratory birds, attracted to stop here because they find a favorable place where to recover the energy they lose on their long journeys. The close presence of the Carso, a wide basin of natural expansion for many animals, it favors the presence of many mammals, too. A special feature of the Reserve is the presence of the Camargue horses, whose role is very important as they contribute to the preservation of the environment, by playing a fundamental role in vegetation control. The horses that are present are divided into two groups: the first group is made up of tamed animals, used for working purposes, (attività a cavallo), while the others live wild.
The range of plant species is also particularly large and it is typical of both soft water, salty water and marshlands.
Inside the Park, two paths unwind along which observatories (The Duck Museum and the Marinetta and Cioss Museums) as well as camouflaged observation posts have placed: the ring-shaped path is the shortest, it lasts about 45 minutes and the view you can enjoy stretches far out, to the Gulf of Trieste; the second path lasts about three hours, running along the Isonzo river and leading to the estuary and allows for the observation of the entire naturalistic wealth contained in the Reserve.
The distance from Lignano is about 72 km., ca. 55 minutes by car.

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