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The city of Vicenza , with a population of just over 100,000 inhabitants has one of the highest ratios of monumental buildings to population in Italy . First settled by the Romans, Vicenza is the official home of Palladian architecture and its city centre reflects the inspirational leadership of Vicenza 's most famous adopted son - Andrea Palladio.
Throughout the cities landscape there are numerous examples of the great architects works that include his Basilica that can be found in the main square of the city surrounded by equally important buildings of different ages and architectural styles in a setting that used to be the home to the ancient Roman forum of Vicenza .
In the adjacent back-streets running directly off Corso Palladio the main street of Vicenza you'll find numerous Palazzi ( Palaces) built by Palladio for the local Vicentine nobility. Buildings from later periods also reflect the influence of Palladio and his architecture, but as you make your way around Vicenza you'll see fine examples of Medieval architecture dating from the ninth century, as well as examples of other periods including fascist architecture from the last century.

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