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Redentore Festival in Venice

Redentore is a popular festival that combines the sacred and profane, as Venice celebrations often do.
Redentore is the celebration most loved by Venetians, to remind the end of the plague in 1577, one of the most disastrous plagues in Venice history, still commemorated today with "the famous night of fireworks", on the 3rd Saturday of July.
That plague is believed to be brought in the city by flea-infested mice carried back from the Orient by Venetian trading ships.
From eleven to midnight, after the gastronomical moment, the firework show starts on the most beautiful stage ever realized by man. There is no other place on the world, where the light of fireworks may enlight with its colours a mirror of water like that of the St. Mark?s Basin, with the reflection of the Ducal Palace, St. George, the Columns of Mark and Todaro.
The extraordinairiness of the pyrotechnics is to keep the spectator in doubt where to look at the artifice in the sky or to the unrepeatable images of a fairy town redrawn by sparkles in the water.
The distance from Lignano is about 105 km and is reachable by car in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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