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The Late Romanesque-Early Gothic church of San Francesco, built by the Franciscan community in 1231-1270. Used by Napoleonic troops as a stable, it was reopened in 1928. The interior has a single nave with five chapels. On the left wall is a Romanesque-Byzantine fresco portraying St. Christopher (later 13th century). The Grand Chapel has a painting of the Four Evangelists, by a pupil of Tommaso da Modena, to whom is instead directly attributed a fresco of Madonna with Child and Seven Saints (1350) in the first left chapel. The successive chapel has instead a fresco with Madonna and Four Saints from 1351 by one Master from Feltre. The church, among the others, houses the tombs of Pietro Alighieri, son of Dante, and Francesca Petrarca, daughter of the poet Francesco.
The Loggia dei Cavalieri, an example of Treviso's Romanesque influenced by Byzantine forms. It was built under the podestà Andrea da Perugia (1276) as a place for meetings, talks and games, although reserved only to the higher classes.
Piazza dei Signori (Lords' Square)), with the Palazzo di Podestà (later 15th century).
Church of San Nicolò, a mix of 13th century Venetian Romanesque and French Gothic elements. The interior has a nave and two aisles, with five apsed chapels. It houses important frescoes by Tommaso da Modena, depicting St. Romuald, St. Agnes and the Redemptor and St. Jerome in His Study. Noteworthy is also the fresco of St. Christopher in the eastern area of the church, which is the most ancient depiction of glass in Europe.
The Duomo (Cathedral), dedicated to St. Peter. It was once a small church built in the Late Roman era, to which later were added a crypt and the Chapels of the Santissimo and the Malchiostro (1520). After the numerous later restorations, only the gate remains of the originary Roman edifice. The interior houses works by Il Pordenone and Titian among the others. The edifice has seven domes, five over the nave and two closing the chapels.
The distance from Lignano is about 105 km., in ca. 1 hour and 12 minutes by car.

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