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Venzone is a charming medieval town that was declared "monument of great historical-artistic interest" by a government decree in 1965. However the earthquake in 1976 destroyed it almost completely. The rebuilding of Venzone followed a philological method, that's to say that the palaces, walls and houses of the old town have been pieced back together by using the original stones and integrating new ones only when the original ones were completely unusable or destroyed.
In this little town surrounded by imposing mountains
you can admire the 14-th century outer walls and gates,the Venetian-Gothic Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall), located in a beautiful piazza decorated with flowers
in the heart of the historical center and the marvelous Cathedral which, along with its imposing Bell Tower, is one of the most remarkable monuments in the region. Among the narrow streets of this
picturesque medieval citadel it's nice to make stop in one of the many cafés or in the characteristic shops selling typical craftwork!
The distance from Lignano is about 98 km., ca. 1 hour and 7 minutes by car.

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