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Sauris is famous for its food. This includes smoked salami and grappa but especially the prosciutto, the sweet cured ham, smoked with beech wood, flavoured with juniper and herbs and left for a month for it to season.
Sauris has dedicated a special local holiday to its ham which lasts two full weekends in the middle of July when the hamlets are fitted out with wooden stalls and you can sample prosciutto ham, speck, gnocchi, barbecue foods, sweets and cakes and countless other delicacies.
There are stalls where you can buy food products from the Carnic mountains and the lively craft fair where you can watch the craftsmen at work, sculpting utensils for everyday use and creating the typical wooden Carnival masks. All to the accompaniment of music, traditional dance and street spectacles.
The Distance from Lignano is about 1 hour and 44 minutes by car

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