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Concordia Saggittaria

Who comes to Concordia will see the town center that is reflected in the peaceful river Lemene.
Stands out from all the bell tower, almost vigilant sentinel ancestor and how that leads over time, by so many centuries, the millennial reminder of this ancient city Roman and Christian.
The latest archaeological findings allow us to assert that the Roman Concordia rose on an important settlement of paleovenete civilisations (XII-VIII century. BC).
Remains of foundations of huts, olle, weights for the chassis, utensils and crockery cooking and a furnace are evidence of this.
This settlement was related to half of tracks to other centres such paleoveneti Vicenza, Padua, Este Adria, Altino, Oderzo and others located in Isontino and Istria.
These tracks were used and transformed into lines of communication (Via Annia 131 BC and by Postojna (148 BC) during the Roman expansion.

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