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Chocofest Gradisca

17, 18, 19 and 24, 25 and 26 November 2006


The Chocolate Award 1^ Edition - Competition among chocolate producers


Fascinating competition among chocolate producers organized by the Association Fusi for the Chocolate and realized with the collaboration of Giancarlo lo Sicco, expert of wine gastronomy and journalist of the newspapers Espresso, Republic, Guide of the Italian restaurants and that one of Wines of Gambero Rosso.

The competition is carried out with the presence of the qualified jury, presided by Maggiore Marco Lant and formed by the journalists of wine gastronomy Mark Galvi, Antonella Santarelli, Navy Fat, Giuseppe Cordioli and Sicco.

Three categories will award a prize and there will be also one special reward:

- Taste Prize 2006 - to the chocolate mostly appreciated by jury.

- Visual Prize 2006 - the best aesthetic presentation in the preparation of the chocolate

- Mélange Prize 2006 - the chocolate with the most unusual mélange of tastes

- Special Prize “Outside of Chocolate Award” for the preparation of the most particular, crazy and amazing chocolate.
Distance from Lignano ca. 65 km, reachable by car ca. 50 minutes.

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