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Giant Cave - Touristic Excursion II°

The visit, during which a guide provides all information about the cave, takes about 50 minutes. After a first ramp, the path leads down slightly in the Great Staircase, boldly built with 360 stone steps.
The vision from upstairs is marvellous: it seems to see, at night, a valley far away. The headlights illuminate the Great Cave. With a path of ramps you arrive soon at the base of the cave. Thousands of concretions that nature has been able to create with all shades of color, ranging from yellow, pink, red, due to the presence of iron oxide present in the percolation.
The path continues around behind the Great Hall, passing near large concretions such as Pulpit and Palma (the latter 7 metres high from the base) and then alongside the Nymph Palace, a sea of stalactites and stalagmites.
A handy artificial tunnel, leads exactly on the top of the cave at the Belvedere terrace, about 100 metres high from which you can see hundreds of stalactites. A short climb further, the skeleton of Ursus Speleus.
The visit concludes with a walk in a short ravine, where a small botanical garden contains the typical vegetation of Carso.
Distance from Lignano about 85 km., reachable by car in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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