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Solidarity's evening 2008 21^ Edition

Lions Club Lignano Sabbiadoro - 21st SOLIDARITY EVENING 2008
Thursday July the 17th 2008, organized by the Lions Club Lignano, at the Arena Alpe Adria of Lignano Sabbiadoro, has been happened the 21th Edition of the Solidarity Evening. The important and professional show was presented by two famous Rai announcers: Mariagiovanna Elmi and Bruno Pizzul with the participation of Juan Garrido guitar and voice, Sandro Poletto piano and voice, Michel Manuel Garrido percussion, David Facini Trumpet, Lorenzo Vignando cajon in La vida es un carnaval for the cuban girl dancers “Somos Latinos” group; than Bolero Flamenco for Lucia Tosto, Silvia, Barbara, Rosalia, Serena and Ilenia dancers and than the Oriental song “Almoraima” for the beautiful young andalusian belly dancer Laura Martinez; Michele and Romeo Patatti for a short smile part and also a lit bit of Broadway by Monica Zuccon and Salvatore Esposito im art duo “Café’ Sconcerto was also very amusing and nice; after that three beautiful songs: Sway, Woman in love and Luna Rossa skilfully interpreted by Clara & Luigi; from Pordenone also Andrea Appi and Ramiro Besa, im art “I Papu” for 15 minutes in a amusing, delicious!! and impossible cuisine performance; Paul Bradley Couling, im art “Mal” with his ever green songs for the numerous Arena public has convolved also his wife Renata for to sing “Romantica” and daughter Karen and son Kevin and more the 20 children with his famous song “Furia, cavallo del west” all that under the able direction of Luigi Lacchin.
Lignano Sabbiadoro, 18.07.2008

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