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Sand sculptures 2008 by ''Toni''

When talking about sculptures and castles of sand should more correctly say sculptures and castles of sand and water. The water in fact like the sand is one of two ingredients of these irreplaceable works. It plays the important role of linking between their grains due to tension between its molecules, the same weak strength of surface tension of water molecules that allows a small drop to maintain its form spheroidal multiplied billions of times as there are grains components a sculpture, (note that in a cm3 of sand sculpture from there may be more than 4 million) permits to build large structures. If it is true that water acts as a binder, it is true that his action becomes more effective if the wet sand is pressed so that the grains are flanged as much as possible between them and ensuring that the air contained between the interstices will be expelled. A sand well pressed can also have a less volume of 30% compared to the normal sand.
This year Toni shared again with us his passion ... thanks Toni! To you our best compliments and … see you next time, of course on the beach of Lignano!

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