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Nautilia - nautical exhibition 2008

Used at the fair at ''Nautilia’’ in Aprilia Marittima
The International Boat Show in Genoa is just finished and another meeting concerning the yachting is expected: Nautilia, used sailing boats Show. This event which takes place every year in Aprilia Marittima (Udine) now in its 21st edition, which will be held this year from October 25th to November 2nd. The event organized by Ente Fiera di Aprilia is the only craft that are placed on the ground. This allows potential buyers to observe the boats alive by checking the status of rudders, propellers and propeller axles. The used boats to see and buy at Nautilia are in a range from 7 to 20 meters in length, 20% are sail, 75% motorboats and the remaining 5% consists of motorsailers.
Good success with the public, more than 15,000 visitors at the exhibition, national and international with a good volume of business.
Next appointment late October / early November 2009
Distance from Lignano km. 2, reachable by car in ca. 5 minutes.

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