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Postonja Cave - Touristic Excursion

The world-famous caves of Postonja hide the masterpieces of limestone under the earth. They were created in million years by a particular artist: the karst water. At the biginning  it is possible to visit the cave with a train and the eletric ligthing allows to admire the size and the splendour of the underground world. The constant temperature in the caves ranges from 8 to 10° C.

Distance from Lignano 135 km., about 1 hour and 30 minutes by car.

Izvestinie vo vsyom mire grotti Postonja, skrivayut pod zemlyoi potryasayuschie izvestnyakovie schedevri (stalaktiti i stalagmiti), sotvoryonnie nepodradgaemim architektorom - karstovoi vodoi.

Nahoditsya v 135 km ot Lignano, 1 chas i 30 minut puteschestviya na mashine .

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