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Parco dei pappagalli

The Parrots' Park-Research Centre is a new idea of single-themed natural park. The first single-themed European park specialized in Psittaciformes with the goal of studying
the parrots' world from pathological, ethological and cultural points of view. Preserve the Nature is a common responsibility, and we can learn it even from thousands of kilometres away.
On the 7th of October 2007 in the North-East of Italy, Europe’s first single themed ornithological park specialising in Psittaciformes was opened. IL PARCO DEI PAPPAGALLI- Centro Ricerche Ornitologiche,  translation, Parrots Park -Ornitological Research Centre, is not your traditional zoological institution, but a place where the founders have tried to develop a balance between the aesthetics of the surroundings and rationality of being functional, taking into consideration people’s enjoyments and the birds serenity. The result is a concept where visitors can experience a blend of leisure, artistic and educational activities along with scientific research. Parrots Park covers an area of 70,000 m² of passionately planned garden architecture of which the aviaries take up 8,300 m² and the reminder is a fusion of beautiful gardens and recreational space. The gardens host more than 200 botanic species most of which produce some form of berry that can be included in the parrots’ diets or provide shade over the paths and aviaries, again part of the planning to create a comfortable and practical atmosphere. Art and nature, history and science become whole for the visitor here. The Parks research centre has a strong focus, with the goal of studying the parrot’s world from a pathological, ethological and cultural point of view.The project started with an agreement between two italian Universities, with the object of researching medical applications that can ensure or improve the birds’ physical and mental health while in captivity and optimising the programmes, whose goal it is to reintroduce the birds at risk of extinction in their original habitat. A transversal way in which the scientific and the artistic points of view intertwine in a place where state of the art technology bonds with a great respect for parrots and their habitat; studying the biology and the breeding habits of the 300 species living in the park,  40% of which are considered at risk of extinction, in a controlled environment is fundamental for their conservation.
Distance from Lignano about 10 km., about 10 minutes by car.

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