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Rotary e Solidarietà 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 21:00, the "Mitteleuropa Orchestra" performed in the Cathedral of Lignano Sabbiadoro. Fiftytwo music professors, conducted by Maestro Alfonso Scarano, performed a series of excellent and famous pieces of classical music, accompanying also the soprano Annamaria Dell'Oste from Udine,  the lignanese guitarist Adriano Del Sal and baritone, he too from Lignano, George Caoduro. The event was organized for charitable purposes and the entire proceeds will be donated to G.O.C.N.E., Oncology Cooperative Group of the North East-based C.R.O. in Aviano, to search for innovative treatments to fight cancer.
The event was organized by the Rotary Lignano Tagliamento in conjunction with the Rotary Gorizia, was sponsored by the Municipality of the City of Lignano Riviera and also from the Communities of Friuli Riviera. The Cathedral was packed to capacity in Lignano, engaged in every type of public places and a lot had to settle for listening outside the door wide open, this would put an enthusiastic and resounding success of the persuasive music coming from inside.
Congratulations to the Rotary, to the Mitteleuropa Orchestra, to the conductor, to the singers, to all musicians, to Dr. Dory De Riu, to dr. Elio De Anna, who wanted the Mitteleuropa Orchestra show in Lignano entrusting the organization to Louigi Lacchin.
Lignano Sabbiadoro July 28, 2011

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