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Giant Cave - Touristic Excursion

The Giant cave which is only 15 kilometres from Trieste on the Carso of Trieste is the biggest tourist cave in the world and has been opened to the public since 1908.

It is placed near the homonymous village and can be reached easily from the town also by taking a bus or the famous tram of Opicina. The enormous hall is 107 metres high, 280 metres long and 65 metres large. A confortable and steep path and a suggestive electric lighting allew a pleasant visit of about 45 minutes. The tourist can have a look at the wonderful and charming underground world represented by the caves and at the rich calcite concretions, the highest of which is no less than 12 metres high.

The exceptional characteristics, and the constant temperatures in the Giant cave during the whole year, have suggested to place two geodetical pendula, 100 metres high approximately (the longest in the world) and other scientific instruments. The Museum of speleology is near the cave and besides the various speleological, geological and paleontological finds it also includes some valuable archeological pieces and a poster collection of the cave. Two wide parkings are available on the outside. Visits are sheduled in good times and with expert guides.
Distance from Lignano 85 km., about 1 hour and 10 minutes by car.

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