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Lagoon of Marano

The lagoon of Marano together with its oasi is one of the most important and beautiful nature reserve both in the italian peninsula and Europe, it's an attraction for tousand of visitors.
During the excursion Capitan Geremia and his crew will give you a live lesson of ecology. It will be an unforgettable experience for adults and children, for all those who loves nature, but also for all those who just wants to spend a day in good company, meeting new friends in the warm atmosfere of the "casone", where you will make a stop for refreshments finding music and happyness with the guitars of Capitan Geremia.
"... the magic silence of this landscape that hovers between the sky and the sea, where the time goes by slowly and the rhythm of the life is exactly the same as it was many years ago."
E. Hemingwey, ''Over the river and between the trees''

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